I encourage you to vote in this 2018 Municipal Election. If you are a Canadidan Citizen, 18 years of age or older and a resident of Markham, then you are eligible to vote.  One person.  One Vote.  Check Markham's voting site to ensure you are on the registered voter list and vote online or in person at the Angus Glen Community Centre.


1. Fiscally Responsible - Keeping Markham Taxes Low:

Councillor Collucci has served for years as Vice-Chair of Markham’s Budget Committee - responsible for the city’s $450 million dollar budget and continuing the years of tradition to keep Markham taxes among the lowest in the GTA.

2. Community Safety:

Amanda has hosted several Crime Prevention Sessions with the York Regional Police to introduce the community watch/communication program and crime prevention tips on personal safety, vehicle safety and much more.

3. Building Parks & Greenspace:

Amanda has supported and promoted the design of new neighbourhood parks for greenspace and quality living. Today 8 new parks are open and 5 are under construction for a total of 13 new community parks for Ward 6 residents.

4. Improved School Zone Safety:

As a champion for the School Zone Safety Project, Councillor Collucci implemented the School Zone Flexible Sign Program in her community. From the successful pilot program in 2017 with her leadership, the City will be expanding the Centreline Flexible Sign Program from 8 schools to 24 schools across Markham.

5. Traffic Relief:

Since being elected as Markham City Councillor in 2014, Amanda has been working closely with City Traffic Staff to implement a number of traffic measures to maintain traffic flow while including signals and stop signs at specific locations and installing various signage to improve safety such as school zone signage, speed reduction signage, multi-use pathway and more.

6. Elderly & Youth Programs:

Councillor Collucci has committed herself to strong support for both elderly and youth in our Markham community by offering various programs and applying funding to the senior and youth groups in our community to give them more opportunities and improve better living for different age groups.

7. Community Facilities:

Amanda supported and advocated to build the new Wismer Park pavilion with public restrooms, and canopy shelters to enhance the service quality of the park for Markham-Unionville residents and encourage greater use of the park for the community.

8. Reducing Energy Distribution Costs for Residents:

Councillor Collucci assisted with the reorganization and integration of PowerStream Energy Distribution to reduce electricity delivery fees for residents.

9. Celebrating Canada in Markham:

As Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee for Markham’s 150th Anniversary of Canada’s celebration, Amanda successfully attracted more than 30,000 people for the largest Canada Day celebration in Markham’s history.

10. Nurturing Local Talent:

Amanda launched the “Markham Star Search” event in the city of Markham as a way to encourage people to develop and celebrate talents to share and bring our community together.

11. Supporting Local Charities:

As an exceptionally active member in the community, Amanda has helped charitable organizations and City of Markham events to collectively raise over $300,000 for important causes such as Lion's Club, TCCSA, Canada Day, Flato Markham Theater, Chinese Cultural Centre, 360 Kids and more for important causes.

12. Valuing Diversity:

Amanda Yeung Collucci organized the first ever celebration of the Diwali Festival of India in Markham Ward 6 as well as a multicultural New Year’s celebration. During her term as City Councillor, Amanda has supported Christian Protestant Churches, Buddhist Temples, Catholic Churches, Coptic Churches, Orthodox Churches, Hindu Temples & Muslim Mosques. As a big believer in fairness, respect & tolerance, Amanda is committed to respecting choice and freedom of religion in our diverse community.

13. Business Growth:

Amanda continues to promote and support investment in commercial activities in the City of Markham. She has participated in business visits to India as well as participating in business exchange activities between China and Canada.

14. Supporting Education:

Amanda supported York University’s establishment of a campus in Markham promoting and encouraging residents to support the application for Markham’s York University Campus. This was an impressive win for the City of Markham to be successfully selected from among 26 competing cities. Yang Lanqing is also a member of the working group on the curriculum setting and campus design of the Yorkshire University Markham Campus.

15. Caring for Our Community:

Amanda has fought for the rights and interests of her consituents and to help the elderly, advocating the provincial government for full elderly dental coverage and elderly health coverage, as well as home projects for the elderly.

City of Markham Council & Community Activities

City of Markham Budget Committee - Vice Chair

City of Markham Canada Day Celebration - Chair

City of Markham Unionville York Downs Sub-Committee - Chair

City of Markham Mayor’s Seniors Advisory Committee - Member

City of Markham Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee - Member

City of Markham Senior’s Hall of Fame Award Committee - Member

City of Markham Pan Am Host Advisory Committee - Member

City of Markham, Markham Sub-Committee - Member

City of Markham, Unionville Sub-Committee - Member

Board and Community Involvement

Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs (ACCE)- Board of Directors & VP

ARCSI (Ass’n of Residential Cleaning Services International) - Board of Directors

Castlemore Public School Parent Council - Member & Co-Chair 2007-09

Cleaning For A Reason - 1st York Region Member

Flato Markham Theatre Advisory Committee - Member

Markham District Energy Inc. (MEDI) - Board of Directors

Markham Stouffville Hospital Breast & Cancer Clinic Fundraising - Member

Markham Ward 6 Seniors Association - Advisor

Pierre Elliot Trudeau High School Parent Council - Voting Member

Sing for CCC (Chinese Cultural Centre) Fundraising - Co-Chair