Gordon Landon "Amanda definitely has the energy, skill and knowledge to serve effectively and would make a great Ward 6 Councillor for Markham.  I endorse her fully." 

Gordon Landon
(Markham Regional Councilor, 33 years on Council)



Gordon Landon "It is important for the community to have a diverse and woman representation in all level of government.  I have no doubt that Amanda will serve the people in Ward 6 very well.  I hope Markham Ward 6 residents will support her."

Bang-Gu Jiang,
(Markham Resident, Markham-Unionville Liberal MP Nominee)



Gordon Landon "Amanda is a lady who has ability, rich experiences, network and most important of all she has a golden heart to help people.  Please, do vote for Amanda because she will become one of the best Councillors in Markham."

John Man,
(Markham Ward 6 Resident, Former of RBC Vice President)



Gordon Landon "Amanda's family has been living in Ward 6 for more than 13 years. As a mother, it is important to our family to have someone who understands Ward 6 issues to represent us. Amanda is the best choice."

Zara Hussien,
(Markham Ward 6 School Parent)

Gordon Landon "Amanda is intelligent, hardworking, dynamic and inspiring.  Her professional, business and community involvement background will serve all Ward 6 constituents and the City of Markham well.  I will be voting for Amanda as our Ward 6 Councillor."

Bruce H,
(Markham Ward 6, Angus Glen Community Resident)


Gordon Landon "Like many supporters, I met Amanda at our door. She listens and undertands residents' concerns and proactively resolves big and small issues. My family supports her all the way"

Shammi & Ravi Chopra,
(Markham Ward 6 Resident)

Gordon Landon "I was impressed by Amanda's strong business acumen and proven leadership, serving our community.  Amanda is hard working and always there for us."

Howard Barth,
(Markham Resident, Chartered Accountant)


Gordon Landon "Amanda's capacity to build connections with this culturally diverse community is essential in such a dynamic and vibrant Ward 6 community.  My family and friends in the neighbourhood will be supporting her and I think you should too."

Neetu Gupta,
(Markham Ward 6 School Parent)


Gordon Landon "Amanda speaks loudly - and knowledgeably - about the ongoing needs of eldery in our community and she will make a difference for the families in Markham Ward 6.  Ward 6 residents would be lucky to have Amanda as Ward 6 Councillor."

Mrs. So,
(President of Markham Ward 6 Senior Association)


Gordon Landon "I TRULY believe in what she stands for.  I hope that everyone will  support her."

Katherine G.
(Markham Ward 6 School Parent)


Gordon Landon "I admire Amanda for her selfless volunteer work.  She is full of energy, passion and sense of righteousness.  I support her fully and I think you should too."

Billy Pang
(Markham Resident & Church Pastor, School Trustee Candidate)


Gordon Landon "Amanda has a passion for helping other people.  She concerns our community.  She is open, direct person and always stays true to others.  Amanda values transparency; she is generous, friendly and very approachable.  I believed that she possesses all the qualities require to be a great and successful City Councillor to serve our community."

A. Lam
(Markham Ward 6 Resident & 1st Year University Student)